Craftsmanship names an enduring, basic human impulse, the desire to do a job well for its own sake. 

– Richard Sennett

My Background


My name is Brian Hutsebout, but most people know me as Huts. I’m a designer, artist, visionary, and educator. I consider each facet an integral part of my creative practice, one influencing the other. My foundation in graphic design heavily influences many aesthetic and functional decisions revealed in my sculptural and socially engaging artwork. 


I teach sculpture and design at Indiana University South Bend and Saint Mary's College. I currently have work on display through 2021 in the outdoor exhibition, Napa Art Walk, in Napa, CA

My Medium


In attempt to establish a symbiotic relationship with my environment, I work primarily with discarded or forgotten objects. Unlike newly made items, every used material has a voice of its own, a history that's been collected through its existence. It is that history that compels me to reconstruct and organize the clutter around us in a new way. 

My Inspiration


My work is influenced by relationships: between humans and their environment, humans and the objects they make and use, and human collaborations. I examine these relationships through the combined use of found materials and traditional craft processes.

My ambition is to change the way my audience interprets these relationships, and systems that surround them, by reevaluating the impact of their actions.